When I Look Into Their Eyes

When I Look Into Their Eyes

I have seen some pitiful folks in my time. It is not the ragged clothes I see or their crippled limbs but their eyes that give me a glimpse of their misery and hopelessness.  I believe every person was granted to BE by God; this in itself makes me to know that there is dignity in every life.  Many choose to go a path that is not God’s best but some seem to have it thrust upon them by poverty, abuse, sickness, or where they were born.  I have come to know with more awareness and certainty of the dignity of every human being.  I know Christ loves them just as He loved the women He saved from a stoning, the demoniac He delivered from legions of demons, and even my wretched soul.

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Odd and Unusual Things I Have Learned Traveling

Odd and Unusual Things I Have Learned Traveling

This may be a  little weird and I wondered if anyone was really interested in weird and trivia stuff from some of my experiences in other countries but here goes…

The world is safer than you think. You could be in a foreign country that was hit the first day with a political uprising, hurricane the second day, and an earthquake the third day yet your mathematical odds of surviving are good.  Trust God, if He wants you alive, you have 100% chance of living!

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Spiritual Burden


As a child and young man growing up in church, I often heard people use the word “burden” quite often. Pastors would say they had a burden for their church.  Friends would speak of “carrying a burden” for a family member.  I don’t hear people use the term much anymore but I am very familiar with the term and the experience.  I would define “burden” as a deep concern planted by the Holy Spirit to motivate us to prayer and action.

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The subject of obscurity has dogged my steps for some time for reasons only God knows.  I know this sounds strange in a blog that could potentially be read by thousands of eyes but I would like to share my heart on this subject.  I think we need to rightly divide two statements made by Jesus.  In one He said, “Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them.  Otherwise you have no reward from your Father in heaven” (Matthew 6:1 NKJV).  In the second one, He said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16 NKJV).

Taking these two statements, I think we need to boil the concept of obscurity down to motives.  We should not do our charitable deeds to promote ourselves but to bless others.  We are not to hide while doing our good works so the light of Jesus can shine.  If people see our labors as humble servants of God, they will glorify God when they observe our service to God.

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Old Boots and Old Friends

Old Boots and Old Friends

Old boots are much like old friends. They started out maybe a little stiff and came across somewhat stand-offish..  At first they may not have seemed a perfect fit but the more time I spent with them the more we molded into one.  As we walked the roads together, we became a team of one.

We have traveled through difficult valleys, forded swollen streams, climbed high mountains, and came back down into the valley toward home. These old boots have protected me from rocks, thistles, thorns, scorpions, and briars; they didn’t seem to care too much for the difficulties I pushed them through.

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Be Jesus: To Someone, Somewhere, Somehow

I remember feeling a burden and calling from God to do ‘something’. At the time, I did not know what the ‘something’ was and what it would look like but the ‘something’ was nagging at my heart.  Eventually, I stepped out and began to do something.  The genesis of Pathway Outreach Ministries began with a ‘something’ — reaching out to kids in a local trailer park.  Pathway Outreach has evolved over time as God has opened more and different doors of opportunities.

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