Thanks for Nothing, God!!

Thanks for Nothing, God!!

The phrase “Thanks for Nothing” is often used as a sharp rebuke to someone for not meeting our expectations.  I would like to twist the usual use of the phrase just a little because we should thank God for a few “nothings”.

Have you ever started the day in a tough week and prayed, “Lord, I would love to have a day without any trouble.”  He answers your prayer that day with nothing troublesome happening—no trouble, no drama, no flat tire, no unexpected dilemma; just nothing.  “Thanks for nothing Lord!!”

You have prayed for all your friends who have battled cancer.  You cried with them, consoled them, prayed for them as if they were your first-born child.  You rejoiced when some won their battles and cried when others won their wars.   Then one day you notice something unusual about your body.  You think, “Maybe it’s nothing but it could be something, and oh, pray to God it is not the “c-word”, because we are even afraid to say the name.  Finally, you go to the doctor and he tells you, it needs to be biopsied—more fear and uncertainty.  The report finally comes back, and he says it is nothing.  “Thank you Jesus! Thanks for nothing!!”

A few of us have had our name in the newspaper for some accomplishment or award; a touchdown, a graduation, a wedding, or an interview.  Our grandmother cut out the clipping and attached to her refrigerator with a magnet shaped like an ear of corn.  We saw it when we visited her and thought it a little corny [pun intended] but we still smiled with pride.  Then again, it sure is nice not to be in the newspaper especially the obituaries, the fine print section where the legals are listed, or a local scandal with our name in bold headlines.  “Yes Lord, thanks for nothing in the paper today!!”

When we have said our last good byes here, we will go to meet God ready or not.  Our hearts break for the billions who will stand in judgement and have their many sins exposed because they were not washed away by the blood of Christ.  I am aware of my many sins in this life; some I have tried to reason away and others are beyond any reasonable excuse.  Somewhere along the journey, I was told that Jesus died for all my sins and wanted to wash me white as snow.  How could it be that The One who was sinless became sin for me so that I could stand before Him pure and whole?  It was just too good to be true but it is true and good, and so I believed.  I foresee the day when my record is brought forth with rolls of the scroll.  “Oh no, my sins must be all recorded and known!”  He seriously looks on the pages, then smiles, and says, “They are all gone, washed in the flood of My pure blood.  “Oh, Jesus my Savior and Lord, Thanks for Nothing!!  For nothing of the record of my sins are found!!”

My Prayer: “Father, Thanks for the nothings I have had in life.  I am no better than anyone else; I am undeserving of your grace and mercy but thank you for the nothings. Only by your grace; I have never buried a child, had a deadly disease, been without bread, or have been homeless.  ONLY BY YOUR GRACE!  And there are a number of nothings I can not even name because they never happened.  Oh my precious Father, my wonderful Jesus, and my constant comforter Holy Spirit; THANKS FOR NOTHING AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!

Harry L. Whitt

New Life Christian Center

Pathway Outreach

Disobedience or Reluctant Obedience

via Daily Prompt: Disobey

I heard a story about a mother and her small daughter back in the day before car seat laws.  The little girl was standing up in the seat as her mother drove and the mom told her daughter several times to sit down.  Finally, the mother became more adamant telling her daughter to sit down.  Knowing that her mother meant business, the child reluctantly sat down but told her mother, “I’m sitting down but in my heart I’m standing up!”  I imagine many of us are like this, we comply with certain laws or guidelines but in our hearts we are somewhere in the realm of compliance in the spirit of rebellion.

Those in leadership are thankful for those who sit down even though they want to stand. Better yet are the faithful who want to please from the heart even if they do not understand the reasoning.

Jesus related a parable in Matthew 21:28-31 about a man who asked his two sons to work in his vineyard. One said he would go but didn’t go and work but the other son told his father he would not go but had a change of heart, went and worked.  The one who actually worked was the one who did the will of his father.  Evidently, he reluctantly went but he did go.

We live in a culture that glorifies independence and rebellion.  Granted, there are situations and times when we need to stand against the current or the authority but fewer than we would like to admit.

Obedience does not always need an explanation; sometimes mothers just know it’s best for the child to sit down.

Harry L. Whitt

Like a Child

Like a Child

Jesus in one of his greatest illustrations used a child to teach an important lesson from a question that was asked wrong. In Matthew’s Gospel, the disciples asked Jesus, “Who then is greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:1 NKJV)?  Wrong question!!  First of all, God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) are the greatest in the Kingdom and after that does it really matter?  The disciples were still contending for the top spot and it was already taken; the great paradox of the Kingdom, if you are seeking the top spot you have just disqualified yourself.
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When I Look Into Their Eyes

When I Look Into Their Eyes

I have seen some pitiful folks in my time. It is not the ragged clothes I see or their crippled limbs but their eyes that give me a glimpse of their misery and hopelessness.  I believe every person was granted to BE by God; this in itself makes me to know that there is dignity in every life.  Many choose to go a path that is not God’s best but some seem to have it thrust upon them by poverty, abuse, sickness, or where they were born.  I have come to know with more awareness and certainty of the dignity of every human being.  I know Christ loves them just as He loved the women He saved from a stoning, the demoniac He delivered from legions of demons, and even my wretched soul.

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Revelation of Jesus

Revelation of Jesus

How many cold hearts have yearned for salvation’s heat but found no ember in my heart?

Who has longed for the peace of Christ but found only trouble on my tongue?


What number looked for Jesus but found no resemblance of His image in my life?

 What crippled beggar has longed for someone with the hope of Jesus but my feet never sought him out?

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The Unlikely Messiah

The Unlikely Messiah

Hollywood tries to portray Jesus as a robed and sandaled Fabio. But according to scripture there was nothing about His appearance to attract us to Him, “He has no form or comeliness; And when we see Him, There is no beauty that we should desire Him” (Isaiah 53:2 NKJV).

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Spiritual Burden


As a child and young man growing up in church, I often heard people use the word “burden” quite often. Pastors would say they had a burden for their church.  Friends would speak of “carrying a burden” for a family member.  I don’t hear people use the term much anymore but I am very familiar with the term and the experience.  I would define “burden” as a deep concern planted by the Holy Spirit to motivate us to prayer and action.

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